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I am in the process of de-googleing my life.


Hall of Shame:

As OS, I am daily driving Windows 11

This is because of my company currently developing a windows only software for a client. We don’t yet have resources to make it cross-platform, client is not interested in this, therefore I can’t develop it on Linux.

Despite this, I’ve done my best to tweak it and remove trackers, etc. I hate it, but gotta bear for some time.

As mobile phone, I’m using Pixel 7 - Running Graphene OS now!!

On 16 December, 2023, I finally switched to GrapheneOS. Huge thanks to everyone who had contributed to this project in one way or another.

(old) Now, I have better excuse for this one, hehe! Next year I am going to install GrapheneOS to this phone. (they only support Pixel devices, as it has more hardware capability for a better security)

Google Photos - NOT ANY MORE!!

Using ProtonDrive now. hehe!

(old) Well, first it was built-int option for me, on my all Android phones. But then, as soon as Proton released mobile app for their Drive solution, I switched to it, and upgraded my plan. Proud moments :’)

  1. Yes :( , I have to, because of work reasons. But it is temporary. I have been daily driving linux (distro-hopping along the way) for 3 to 4 years, but lately, I’m forced to use Windows↩︎