Alvan's digital garden

Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

Hi there! I am Alvan, 23, software engineer and a FOSS enthusiast.

As of 16 Dec, 2023, I am completely Google-Free!

Co-Founder @specterise and SWE @bp

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Although I currently don’t have much time to write code just for fun, I was and will be doing so, after graduating from university :) Just for fun. No, really.

Written by Human, Not by AI

I recently got to know the term “Digital Garden”, and decided this particular place is my very own digital garden! Apparently blogs are more structured and well written, in the meantime, gardens are just brain dumps. I love this term because it takes that heaviness/responsibility from blogging, and it becomes easier to - well - just put something out there! Join now, start a blog!

This place is my first attempt at making my “own Internet”, which turned out nicely.

De-Google your life!

I love autumn, drizzly weather and nature: Me

You are welcome :)