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Thank You, Good People

Hi there.

This will be a short one.

I just wanted to thank every single good person on earth.

This morning I was scrolling Facebook, and as always, getting angry because of the politics. And I suddenly came across a post about some journalists’ images. They were imprisoned while doing their job.

Later, I read an article - again on politics of certain country. Felt the same.

And couple of minutes ago, while looking at Reddit, I saw a video from mass shooting happened in Prague. In that video, to distract the shooter from students, this journalist shouts at him telling “HEY YOU FUCKER, FUCKER I’M HERE, SHOOT HERE, COME HERE”. I believe this is a peak bravery and humanity. I probably wouldn’t do that. Or maybe I would, under the adrenaline of that moment, but nonetheless, that is a good person there.

Overall, I’m starting to look journalists in a different way. To be precise, those who do their jobs with honesty. They are the pillars of the society.

Being a good person, in my opinion, has a very easy definition1. One just needs to be honest with themselves. If you don’t lie to yourself and apply a self questioning approach via your inner voice, you are a good person.

Anyways, it seems to be time to conclude this laughable post. Someone “who reads more than writes” is probably reading this post and looking at me the way we look at kids playing in the yard and smile to them. LOL, this was quite nice description of my feelings! Nice.

So, thank you, good people. Thank you for the effort you put into being an honest person.

*Moving forward, the topic shifted from appreciating good people to enjoying life and such. I was going to delete this part because - shortly - I don’t feel entitled to write about those stuff. However, as I’m building this blog as a time machine for older me, I’ll just keep this here.

Basically, if you cringe, - well - you have been warned.

I sometimes read articles of some based journalists, admire them and think: “Man, these are beautiful set of sentences. Written very beautifully.”. Seems like we - good people from my homeland - are hungry for good politics. I believe not only politics. We would love some more art in our lives too.

Life is beautiful. I sometimes joke about dying, but I don’t ever mean that. Life is so god-damn worth living. Even if it doesn’t have a meaning or something. Also, why would you search for a meaning, man? Just “live it off”! I’ve recently read a very beautiful blogpost from Derek. Here is a quote from it:

There is no purpose because there is no line connecting moments in time. There is no plot. You are not a story.

Of course, I acknowledge the fact that life is beautiful if you are privileged enough to live it nicely. Nowadays I consider myself as privileged, so I’m loving the life, and I absolutely am not trying to sell fake happiness to people. But at least, if you have even a little convenience to live, please do.

While writing the paragraph above, I wrote and quickly deleted the following sentence. “Even if all it includes is fighting for freedom”. But this is not really the case, because the real freedom is individual freedom over your life. This is also why I dislike religions. All of them prohibit suicide, telling it is the worst sin one can do. Looks like everyone should have the freedom to end their life.

Hmm. This is quite easy for me to say, but later, how would you decide if one really decided that themselves, or someone pressured them into deciding that? That just complicates stuff. In cybersec terminology, that would introduce a new “attack vector”.

I don’t know, man2. These are all weird ass questions that I - let alone deciding on, can’t even lean to one side or another.

Okay, that is all. Oh, also, I’m thinking of subscribing to Guardian Weekly. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll keep documenting it here.

Oh, I was almost forgetting it. Here you are some nice songs to listen.

If you want to discuss further, say hi:

Bye :^)

  1. Usually if something philosophical like this feels easy to me, I understand I’m missing something. But hey, it feels nice to decide on something. ↩︎

  2. I asked GPT if the word “man” refers strictly to males, and it told me that it is not. I could have used different gender neutral words like “folks, friend, y’all”, but they didn’t really feel in place. Probably I’m not used to it. ↩︎