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Status Update June 17

Status update for 17th June

Hi again! This is continuation of previous post, which I said I’ll be completing in a few days. That “few” days turned into few months.

Discover Europe

The last thing I talked about is how we were waiting for DiscoverEU program. Well, it did not go well and we were not selected as one of the 4 teams. Actually, the worst part is selected projects were the ones we underestimated a lot.

Only interesting thing happened was, one of the investors from GreenBrother company was interested in our product ( a bit. We had also sent email containing additional details etc, but he never wrote back to us.

But at the end, we were not expecting that much of this, so, it is okay i guess?

At the meantime, - the power bank sharing business we were working on was under heavy development. I recall completing the most essential part of software (feature to browse, rent and return powerbanks) very quickly, then being busy with other standard crap.

Anyways, as DiscoveryEU did not give any real asset to us, we started to tweak the business model and search for investment from mobile operators. Sadly, we could not arrive on some point with this. By we, I mean Samir and I. To be precise, Samir was in charge of doing all of these.


Bilgin? what is that? Oh you mean that startup we started and did not put enough effort? Yeah, it is almost abandoned too.

Quick nap, lol


Serious stuff

Oh, this is probably first time of me talking about university in this blog.

In terms of uni, things are all good. Although I could not get A grade from Logistics, other subjects went nicely and from one of them, I have a 99 points etc.

Hiking trip

Other than “serious” stuff, we had a hiking trip with groupmates, which was amazing! Yes, the destination place (Shabran, Ambil lake) was not that great, but isn’t it all about journey?! We (at least me :D) had very good time and the good thing is, as we face these difficulties together, the bond between us becomes harder and we get closer! And getting to know some people better, this makes me very happy indeed.

At the end, university is all nice.

Career updates!

Well, there are major updates! After working with Devrain for exactly 5 months, I left there and started workign at BP! Yeap, that official BP.

It was very sudden, one of their azerbaijani senior developers wrote to me via Linkedin and invited me. Then I passed 2 technical interviews and got the job! Yesterday I had first meeting with manager from BP and tomorrow we’ll be having meeting with team and all.

Anyways, this place looks nice and I’m excited to discover more! (there are a lot to learn too)

There is an evil inside of me

Yes there is for sure. As a FOSS enthusiast, last week I was researching Apple ecosystem. With latest M2 upgrade and that level of integration, those devices looks damn nice. And specially that midnight color.

Although specs are not that nice, I heard mac uses those specs efficient. Anyways, these are nice and all until we start thinking about ethical sides of IT and here, Apple devices are suffering.

So, I’m mostly safe and I won’t be getting a macbook soon.

There is still… some hope left…

E Foundation

One or two weeks ago, I noticed had the first stable release! If you don’t know, those guys are making unGoogled android OS. Here you are, their subtitle:

We build desirable, open source,
privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems.
We are /e/

E Meme

Fair Phone

And also, they have started selling phones with custom OS. Their manufacturer is FairPhone. Those guys are making environment friendly, customer oriented phones. You can check them out here


Yes, other nice news was ProtonMail’s rebranding. Now they have more consistent and eye pleasing, modern designs.

Anyways, enough nerd talk.

Life updates

As I’m going forward with career steps, this drives me to comfortzone. Therefore, I’m starting to think what am I doing with this startup tries? I get and will be getting paid enough as programmer at companies etc. Why should I bother?

Well, firstly because it is exciting even tho sometimes disappointments occur. The other major reason is, knowing that I’m helping my friend. He is really into these stuff and for sure he’ll achieve smth later or sooner. As I’m making him comfortable from IT side, this feels amazing :D

Another mid sized update is, I have Push30 account done and I’ll hopefully be starting to go to the gym. I mean, if I don’t, I’ll die before sitting at the balcony of my forest house and feeding birds while my doggo golden retriever chillin’ beside me

Hmm, other than these, there is another minor update involving Samir, me and a groupmate. Which I won’t be talking in detail. Title is enough to remember years later.

Oh, just remembered. You prolly don’t know, one very long term (13 years) friend had cut connections with us in November 2022. Today I received message from him, apologizing. Which felt weird and I forgived him, thinking “what matter the most is understanding the mistakes”. But things won’t be the same again between him and my homies. I’m partially sad about this. Why partially? Becouse sometimes it is better to move on, i guess.

Let’s finish with some song recommendations!

If you like my taste of music, you can check my playlists at Spotify 🥰

Again, thanks for bearing with me up until this point. Good night, bye 😇

One last thing, here you are, god damn very cute picture of Marylin Monroe. Idk why but I liked this pic very much.







Marylin Monroe

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