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Status Update July 26

Status Update July 26

Well, pretty unusual start we had today. Usually I start by talking about some startup or career updates. But this time, nah man, I don’t feel that way. This is a bit moody one and I should probably keep this private. Putting this much info about me and my thoughts makes me uncomfortable. I also don’t want to loose these and GitHub is almost permanent. The only catch is publicity, well this is on me, I made them public for 0 reasons.

Anyways, enough rant about whether I should put info on internet or not. We both know probably I shouldn’t be doing this. So here I am, if you can read this, you got the point.

Confessions to talk about

So, if you have read recent posts, you prolly know I have started working at BP. I also have said that “I still have a lot to learn”. Well yes, I have indeed.

They are using some tech and features of language that I have never ever used that thing in my code. There are huge advanteges. I get to learn and work with lovely team.

The only thing bothering me is, as I’m not that good, usually I get tasks done a bit late.

Guess what! I have to sleep and my eyes are closing.

I’ll hopefully continue this tomorrow to write about other things that I’m ashamed/felt wrong etc.

Adios from 26 July, 2:14AM;

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