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Status Update - First Quarter of 2022 [incomplete]

Hi, All!

Oh, okay, okay. I know, I said updates will come every 2 weeks, but did it for only 2 times. But nevermind. This is my blog and no one reads it anyways (except my 2-3 of my friends). This post will be summary for past 3 and a half months.

Sheesh these months were on fire. I have a lot to write. So, let’s start :)

_Quick note: The editor I’m using is called Apostrophe (hehe, it is linux only) and it is the best! Very minimal UI and nice animations. Okay, okay, I’ll shut up.

Beginning of all

So, maybe you already know, in last post, I said I’m looking for remote jobs. I found one in 31th december :D.

Career wise - Full time jobs

There was a company I applied to, called Devrain. I was accepted and they said I’ll start on Januar 5. They offered nice salary (in Azerbaijan conditions) and great learning opportunities, which got me excited right away.

Anyways, I started working there and it was amazing! My first task was fixing an old, not-working code, which, looks like, improved my code reading abilities. I did nice job for that task and things were going great! They had done very nice onboarding too - which motivates programmers more than anything.

Career wise - Bilgin.Az news

At that time, I was working on Bilgin (formerly known as Savadli). Unfortunately I don’t remember on exactly what, but things were going nice there too. I think we got rejection from Sabahlab in January too. Letme check previous status update :D.

Okay, I’m back. Apparently, we were waiting for results to come. Yes, as I said, we got rejected. Although we were hoping we’ll pass, things are not always how we want them, ofc. BUT! They called us and offered their help. Because they liked our product, but competition was intense, bla, bla bla. They also wanted us to visit their office and have a small meeting.

I don’t remember the exact time, we went there and talked with them. It was nice place and office. We managed to meet with their CEO, Orkhan (idk his job), Talifa (which were a bit meme later on, I’ll talk about it). Generally, they were nice people. Seeing professional people like Bilgin, we had another motivation boost.

Then we came back to home and continued development.

Discover Europe

Yes! This is probably, the most exciting news in this post.

So, one day, my friend Samir (COO at Bilgin) got an email, talking about some startup accelerator called Startup Campus. It is a Hungary based company, which in this case, is helping startups founded by azerbaijanian students.

Of course, we didn’t ignore this and applied. Application form had nice questions. While thinking about that questions, Bilgin was cleared in our minds.

After some time, we got an email saying our projects (IoT related startup, called too) were accepted to program!

Time went, whatsapp group was created, everything got set up, first workshop started. I don’t remember the name of it, but boi, we all hated one guy in call.

Anyways, let’s not get distracted! Workshop and meeting were going okay. Me and Samir were quite active on workshop, so as time passed, we were feeling like we’ll fricking do it!

Was having quick nap, lol

So, what do I mean by “We’ll fricking do it”. Quite a lot, actually. DisvoerEU will select 4 teams out of 15 and one teammate from these four will have opportunity to pitch their projects in front of investors and hopefully get funded. Also, all expenses will be covered by Microsoft (thanks, Satan).

It is 3AM in here rn. I have to go to uni at morning, so I’m going to sleep for now. Will continue this post tomorrow, probably evening. Bye :)

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