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On Having a Take

Hi there. It is nice to see you here again.

As always, I’ll start by telling what am I doing right now, and then start the main topic.

I’m currently lying on my bed, and was planning to sleep couple of minutes ago. Then I remembered I had a topic to write about. It is hot here. I have the laptop on my pillow to lift it up, so I can easily write. But it limits my mobility, so if mum or dad comes in, I won’t be able to hide that I’m still not sleeping. lol.

Anyways, finally, “Having a Take On Something”.

Recently I have been using lemmy, which is an open source and federated reddit-like social platform. I don’t usually contribute in these kind of platforms, but as this tech made me feel very good, and I liked web version and the apps, therefore I was more involved in the communities. In short, I have some comments that got upvoted.

2 days ago, we (me and my friend) decided to create an infographic website about new “Web Environment Integrity” proposal, which turned out to be a great move. We created the Open Web Defenders website, which is a simple one that tells about outcomes of this proposal. Upon creating that, we shared it on social media - and me, on Lemmy.

It was great at the beginning. We had some people excited about the matter, and got some upvotes. But then people started discussing stuff, and I felt the need to answer each of them. The comments were mainly discussions and feedbacks. But issue is..

The issue is, I was agreeing with most of the comments. Some even had conflicting meanings.

Oh I slept for a second, lmao. I really don’t want to sleep because I won’t continue this tomorrow 1.

So, it was quite strange to agree with conflicting views. What was happening? Were they all indeed correct, or.. Or I just had no point?

Been thinking about this thing for couple of days now.

Firstly, and the easy one, I feel like I don’t know enough - As I don’t have enough understanding of underlying thing, I become too easily convincible person, and get convinced from an ordinary solid point. But the problem is, this happens every time. When I read some thread on lemmy, and people have very strong opinions written, I get to think: I should write my take on this matter, to instead, find out that I don’t have any. Even about things that I care the most - Free software, linux and stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the topic, I’m able to analyze comments and critique them. But not write my own. Even when I do write, it feels like combination of other comments. This feels weird.

Why it is like this? I do know a thing or two about Linux. Is it really not enough to have a take of my own? Whenever I am reading something linux related, I develop an urge to tell something, but then I easily cancel it. I feel like it won’t bring anything new to the table and is a waste of time. (Well, sometimes it is, sometimes not. But I always delete.)

September 17, 2023:

So, I’m continuing this post a month later. To be honest, I don’t exactly remember what was my second thought. It was something like me just not having enough criticizing ability.

Okay; I’m so sorry for not continuing this post. There have been two major things in my life, and I’d like to write about those! I have finally moved out, and will start living alone for some time. Masters degree lessons has started. I’ve spent some money on fun stuff (super excited about them). Last part has arrived to make home NAS.

In short, cool stuff!

See you then, dear reader. If you are interested, or you want to discuss these topics further, feel free to contact me at [ sayhi at ]

Bye! :)

  1. Now I’m continuing this post on 17th of September. LOL! ↩︎