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Naming Your Devices

Hi There!

This will be a short one, I’m working on another post, which I’m planning to publish oncoming days.

Couple of months ago, I installed Windows because of the work reasons. First I thought “Okay, I’ll just keep this simple and bare minimum, won’t customize to match my needs”, etc. However, while installing the OS, it asked my to write a name for my PC, and I said ofc, I’ll change. “DESKTOP-SOMENUMS” is ugly af. So, now I had very hard choice to do. “What to call it?”.

Also, if you have been coding for some time, you most probably can relate to this. It is the naming that we are always stuck on.

Anyways, I had some thoughts in my head:

So, the name I came up with was “Windy” :3.

This was a great naming. Then something special happened!

I realized that I had emotional bond with my PC now - after naming it nicely. I started setting it up, removing bloatware, tidying it up, and etc. I even had nicely set-up taskbar and stuff.

This was quite interesting behavior from me. To be honest, I always had this bond to my PC, but to this degree, it was unusual and felt great. To make my mind, before writing this weblog (mmhm) I googled this a bit and it turns out, there really is something special about naming stuff. You don’t see people naming their domestic animals, if they are going to eat them one day. Naming enforces some kind of ownership, attachment, that forms our feelings about that thing. That is why we name our kids, pets, and even devices 😊.

Anyways, at that time I decided to call my devices as weather conditions. So far I have my

Yep, that is all.

Have you ever named your devices? How did it feel? Please feel free to share your opinions with me

Thank you for reading this far.

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