Alvan's digital garden

First Boredom Draft

Hey! Glad to see you here.

If you have been following my garden, you probably know that I am on vacation and it has been going nice. It thankfully, still, is going well - we have visited some of the relatives and our now-ruin house at village.

It is an old house with quite a bit of yard (I don’t know the size, but probably is around 5 acres), built in 1960s (not sure on the year) by my granddad and his brother. They had been living there till 2006, as far as I know, for more than 40 years.

Unfortunately, since 2006 no one is living there, and we haven’t yet renovated that place. Therefore, the house is falling apart. It is in a dangerous state now, we are afraid to even go into it to just observe.

But the place is golden. We love that garden - it feels nostalgic and our own. I would love to some day renovate that place and stay there. The weather is amazing.

Yes, so, as you have, most probably, already noticed, this post doesn’t have any theme. This is because I saw this technique on one of Kev Quirk’s posts. Just like him, this time I didn’t have anything on my mind, so, I opened my text editor and started typing stuff.

Also, I think I have mentioned this in previous posts - I am considering writing smaller but more frequent posts.

This actually works great with “digital garden” analogy. The choices are obvious.

  1. Would you like to plant a lot of smaller and easier flowers, or a few, but bigger plants?

For me and the purpose of this website, I am planning to go with easier - frequent posts. It feels less corporative - and more personalized. Afterall, this is kind of a replacement of social media for me, and you don’t write huge novels on various topics