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Choosing Your Hard

Hello, reader!

This is quite unusual to me, but in past, I’ve said I’ll be doing more quick mind-dumps, so here we go!

This evening I was watching The Primeagen’s stream, and there was a small thing that got me thinking.

“Choosing your hard”

There was this gal, telling “Choose your hard!”. The video goes like (source (r/ThePrimeagenReact)):

Going to gym is hard, yes, but being fat and ugly is also hard.

Working is hard, but being broke is also hard.

I know, this is a bit cringe, and mostly a meme video, but damn, it is quite reasonable. At least it had some impact on me.

Indeed, we do this choice every day. We need to make a choice between something objectively good for us, and something bad that gives quick dopamine. And for me, this choice is not always in favor of me, in long term. (aka: Shorts, Reels, TV Series compilations, stupid ass videos)

So, the typical decision process goes like: “Okay, I can cook something good and healthy for myself, or can order a KFC. Hmm, cooking is hard, I’ll go with KFC”. But in reality, what we are choosing between is healthy dinner and shortly, damage to health.

The main reason for this, in my opinion, is the fact that one path always seems easier. But in reality, mostly, it is not the journey that matters 1 . And also, when we acknowledge the fact that both paths are hard, it is much easier to chose the better path.

It really makes difference when I look at it from this perspective. Just like looking at an equation. You need to evaluate, at least simplify sides to make sense of actual values and equation. Whether they are equal, or one side is greater than another.

This is quite an interesting case!

Am I, tho?

Me personally, I’ve chosen some better paths in my life. But unfortunately, not always. To be honest, that would be boring too, I’m not that much sad about my choices up until this point. However, for sure, there is a room - even rooms - for improvement.

Right now, I have chosen the better path and am working enough amount to have this financial freedom and stuff. But on the other hand, I’m constantly choosing hard & worst path, in terms of working out and living healthy life.

I’ve actually been thinking about this way of approach to the matter, and I can honestly feel the change. It is now harder to stay this way, and changing stuff seems easier, because, well, the barrier is low. Ah, I just thought of another similar case: It had always felt like adding new item to your shopping cart, which is, let’s say +$100. But in reality, There is already an expensive item in your cart. Now you are swapping it with a new one. Maybe a bit more expensive, but still, the jump is not that high!

Uhm, I want to apologize for my scrambled thoughts, and probably my bad sentence structure. Making sentences in English feels like coding - putting expressions in places according to data types :D.

Anyways. Thanks for reading this far. And as always, if you got thoughts to share with me, feel free to contact me via email or smth.


  1. I know, we should be living / enjoying the moment and stuff, but in most cases, we shouldn’t. This, mostly, is also the easy path that we chose without considering the outcomes. ↩︎